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The cyber threat landscape is continually growing and becoming more complicated, and most businesses lack the cyber security tools and capacity needed to keep security measures current. Because it’s easier than ever for hackers to launch an assault, businesses are now exposed to greater risk and unpredictability. As a result, successful attacks and breaches can cost firms millions, not to mention the damage to the brand’s reputation.
We’re committed to the key systems at the heart of the digital economy’s health and continual improvement. We co-create security solutions with our partners and thousands of clients to help businesses achieve optimum digital performance.
We strive to create a safe and secure cyberspace for businesses to work efficiently and excel.


We lead with a dedication to quality and integrity, with a passion for client success and a mission to serve and improve the communities in which BroadBITS operate. We inspire confidence and enable change in everything we do in a world where rapid change and tremendous disruption are the new normal.
We endeavor to be a well-known cyber security firm that protects regional businesses of all cyber threats with a network of highly skilled security experts.


BroadBITS’ mission and passion is to see satisfied customers. With their technical expertise, promptness, and willingness to exceed their customers’ expectations, our employees strive to delight them. A single client query is turned into a possible goal to attain and in order to achieve that we have these core values that we all believe in.

  • Our employees are always on the lookout for new chances to grab. They are constantly looking for ways to improve and improvise whenever they find an opportunity. Aside from that, their own field of work is quite broad. When we start a new day at work, we ask ourselves how we might improve on yesterday.
  • At BroadBITS, we believe that hard work and perseverance are important. We will never lose due to a lack of effort. We are dedicated to going above and above in all we do. We all have a will to succeed no matter what it takes. Personal sacrifice for the mission’s larger benefit is rewarded and gives us a sense of accomplishment. We are not afraid of working; in fact, we enjoy it.
  • We at BroadBITS always do the right thing. We understand that the job we do is delicate, and we will not cross ethical lines that would affect our partners, their clients, our firm, or our staff. Through acts of generosity, being modest and vulnerable, inviting feedback, and establishing reciprocal accountability, we strive tirelessly to develop trust with our partners.
  • We at BroadBITS believe that resources (time, money, and human capital) are valuable commodities that must be used with extreme caution in order to achieve the mission’s goals. “Busy job” and business processes laden with “red tape” stumbling blocks are for losers. We will never accept the notion that “we do things this way because that’s how they’ve always been done.” We strive to remove all sorts of waste and distractions.


Our team is made up of industry specialists that are united by a common aim to build a firm that respects its clients as partners, constantly trying to develop creative, dependable, and fully customizable cyber security solutions for their specific business requirements.

Our team consists of a devoted group of certified security professionals offering high-quality consultation, training, and solutions in many domains and industry segments, with over 30 years of combined expertise in the field of cyber security. We think that actual value can be offered to our clients through an extended network of specialists through alliance relationships, in addition to having our own committed in-house staff. We’ve been fortunate in attracting several well- known names in the security business to join our alliance.


Omair is a Principal Security Consultant at Krash Consulting. For over 9 years, he has been doing Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Assessments. The majority of his time has been spent on internal infrastructure security. The majority of his clients were from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and worked in the banking and financial sector. He’s also done external Web application and network/infrastructure security audits.


Gautam, Aaroh’s founding Director and CEO. He has more than 20 years of expertise in BCM, IT GRC, and Information Security, including more than 10 years in the GCC, particularly Qatar. He has extensive experience in Business Continuity engagements around the region. He spoke on Business Continuity Management at the IDC IT Security Roadshow in Doha in 2008 and the BCI ME Forum in Doha in 2015.


At Credo Technology Services Company, Obaidullah is a Technology Aficionado and Business Manager. His passion is to help companies construct an optimal and safe IT infrastructure by delivering cutting-edge technological solutions and services in Information Security, Organization Continuity, and Databases, as well as enthusiastic customer support, resulting in a profitable and sustainable business. He brings over 15 years of experience in the field of security with him.

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