Service Provider Management

Confirm That Your Service Providers Are Secure

Service Provider Management involves establishing and maintaining processes to manage the risks associated with the use of external service providers. This control aims to ensure that third-party services do not compromise the organization’s security posture.

Technology Focus

Vendor Management:

Implementing systems and processes for effectively managing and monitoring relationships with external service providers, including assessing and mitigating associated risks.

BroadBITS Solutions:

Vendor Risk Assessment Tools:

BroadBITS can provide tools and frameworks for conducting comprehensive risk assessments of external service providers to evaluate their security practices.


Contractual Security Requirements:

Assisting in the development and enforcement of contractual security requirements with service providers to ensure alignment with the organization’s security standards.


Continuous Monitoring Solutions:

Implementing continuous monitoring solutions to assess the security posture of service providers throughout the duration of the engagement.


Incident Response Coordination:

Establishing incident response coordination mechanisms with service providers to ensure a prompt and effective response to security incidents.


Regular Security Audits and Assessments:

Conducting regular security audits and assessments of service providers to verify compliance with security policies and standards.


By leveraging BroadBITS’ solutions, organizations can effectively implement Service Provider Management controls using the specified technologies, minimizing the risks associated with external service providers and maintaining a secure environment in accordance with CIS v8 guidelines.