Malware Defenses

Anti-virus Integration is Key

Prevent or control the installation, spread, and execution of malicious applications, code, or scripts on enterprise assets.

How BroadBITS Helps

OpExpert helps protect againstransomware by enabling you to identify and correct weak security configurations that are often the entry point. You can configure OpExpert custom policies to search for specific indicators of compromise associated with a particular attack type, enabling you to identify, isolate, and restore compromised systems before the ransomware is activated. It can also be used to validate that antimalware is deployed, running, and correctly configured. OpExpert’s Log Management Integrationcan receive and centrally manage logs and events from anti-malware tools. These events can be correlated against a list of known malicious domains.


• Endpoint Protection System
• System Configuration Enforcement System
• DNS Domain Filtering System
• Log Management System / SIEM

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