Application Software Security

Implement an Application Security Program

Manage the security life cycle of in-house developed, hosted, or acquired software to prevent, detect, and remediate security weaknesses before they can impact the enterprise.

How BroadBITS Helps

For acquired software, OpExpert can identify version info and identify vulnerabilities. OpExpert can also be used to identify any non-standard or insecure encryption in use. For applications that require a database, OpExpert can ensure the database is configured securely. As development increasingly moves to containers and the cloud, OpExpert can ensure that development systems are configured securely and free from vulnerabilities. Additionally, OpExpert’s Vulnerability and PAtch Management Integration can assess container images for vulnerabilities prior to deployment.


• Secure Coding Standards
• Training / Awareness Education Plans
• Software Vulnerability Scanning Tool
• Web Application Firewall (WAF)
• System Configuration Enforcement System

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