In seconds, see and stop threats across all endpoints.

COMPLETE PROTECTION: Immediate and effective protection and detection against all forms of threats, including malware and non-malware attacks.


5-SECOND VISIBILITY: For your endpoint, set up a DVR. In seconds, you may discover and explore current and historical endpoint activity.


IMMEDIATE VALUE: Agent consolidation means that one agent is responsible for the job of nine others. With no hardware or maintenance costs, it may be deployed in hours rather than months.


CONTEXT: Continuous endpoint and host event monitoring and recording, along with threat intelligence, provides total visibility and context across your environment.


CORRELATION: Behavioral analytics and advanced machine learning. With

unparalleled scale and precision, go beyond signatures to spot anomalies and distinguish malicious activities from lawful actions.


CONTROL: Capabilities for effective prevention. Stop malicious code execution, block zero-day exploits, stop processes, use the contain command, and manage callbacks.

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