Secure email, instant messaging, scheduling, contact management, and task management, all with mobile synchronization, are all available through Enterprise Messaging. Using formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Open Document Format, team members can collaborate and co-edit documents online in real time.

To protect enterprises from email-borne dangers and data leaks, an email security gateway monitors and filters all inbound and outbound email traffic. The Email Security Gateway is a complete email management system that allows businesses to encrypt messages and use the cloud to spool email if mail servers go down.


Protect Against Email-Borne Threats: Protecting against inbound malware, spam, phishing, and Denial of Service attacks with the Email Security Gateway guarantees that corporate productivity is not harmed by email-based attacks. Inbound email communications are governed by comprehensive standards that may be enforced with the help of powerful and customisable policies.


Stop Threats before They Hit the Network: Offloading CPU-intensive operations to the cloud, such as antivirus and DDoS filtering, minimises the appliance’s processing burden and ensures that threats never reach the network boundary. The Email Security Gateway is linked to a cloud-based service that filters email before it is delivered to the onsite Email Security Gateway, which performs further inbound security checks and outbound filtering.


Ensure Continuous Email Availability: In today’s business environment, email is a key vehicle, so an email server outage can severely hamper business operations. Email is spooled for up to 96 hours with the Barracuda Email Security Gateway’s Cloud Protection Layer, which comes free with the Barracuda Email Security Gateway. There’s also the option to re-direct traffic to a secondary server.


Protect Sensitive Data: Make use of advanced encryption technology to keep important information safe from prying eyes. Filtering and quarantining features ensure that all outbound emails follow company DLP policy.


Simplify Email Security: The Email Security Gateway’s simple and easy-to-deploy configurations ensure that tailored email protection is in place in minutes. Cloud-based centralised administration improves day-to-day workflow and comes at no extra cost.

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