The average time it takes to notice a security breach is approximately eight months, and the majority of

the time it is found by third parties. Threats will multiply if you can’t monitor what’s going on in your network in real time and remediate them quickly. This might have disastrous effects for your business. BroadBITS is an all-in-one platform that reduces complexity, increases essential application availability, and improves IT management efficiency while promptly detecting and fixing security threats and managing compliance standards.

Stay ahead of threats with the SIEM platform’s:


Powerful and patented analytics engine for real-time correlation and alerting

Automated, self-learning Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and event consolidation

Multitenancy and scalability – ideal for cloud environments and MSPs

Robust, scalable log management

Pre-built compliance reports covering HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and more.

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