MFA is an open-standards-based enterprise-grade user authentication system. For your Domain users, MFA offers a variety of (very adjustable) authentication techniques. With One-Time Password technology (OTP) and Universal Second Factor, it facilitates the combination of single-factor and multi-factor user access (FIDO-U2F).

WebADM server, MFA RADIUS Bridge, and Self-Service applications are among the components of the MFA solution. MFA supports VPNs, Citrix, Web SSO, ADFS, Linux, Microsoft, Wifi, Web apps, and much more when combined with RCDevs third-party connectors.


Thousands of customers in over 40 countries, including Fortune 100 businesses, already utilise MFA. A high-quality product design, an amazing collection of features, an expanding panel of integrations, and an unparalleled mix of cost efficiency, security,and ease of use to protect corporate access have all contributed to MFA’s rapid market adoption.


SOAP, REST, JSON-RPC, and RADIUS are among the interfaces offered by MFA. The native SOAP API is quite straightforward and comes with a WSDL service description file. MFA One-Time Password and/or U2F functionality can also be easily integrated into existing Web apps. Windows, ADFS, Linux, and even Wifi connectivity are all supported by additional integration software.

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