Organizations that aren’t aware of the hacker’s tools and tactics are vulnerable to attacks that compromise their systems. As a result, the best approach for a company to verify that its infrastructure is secure is to hire security analysts to break into their systems and warn them so that they may avoid or lessen the consequences of such assaults if they are exploited. Penetration testing is the process of putting yourself in the shoes of a hacker to analyse your security posture, and these hackers are known as white hat hackers or ethical hackers since they work hand-in-hand with enterprises to improve their security.

BroadBITS’ network pentesting approach goes beyond traditional vulnerability analysis. Our assessment team discovers, exploits, and documents even the most subtle network vulnerabilities thanks to decades of combined security knowledge. When it comes to network security, you want the best pentesting business to look at it. Services for Network Penetration Testing include:

  • -Conducted from the internet as an external network.
  • -Exposes the vulnerabilities as seen from the internet through the firewall.
  • -Identification of types of resources exposed to the outer world.
  • -To check the risks from within the internal network like LAN.
  • -Assesses threats coming from workforce or processes within the Enterprise.
  • -Attempts breaches on internal networks through legitimate user credentials and the privilege levels.
  • -Relies on Social Engineering Testing.

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