BroadBITS performs a comprehensive set of technical tests to verify the effectiveness of controls and to evaluate the integrity or configuration of a network, system, or application. Capgemini has extensive testing experience in mission-critical environments, highly regulated sectors, and on a wide range of devices and systems. Our goal is to establish the source code’s level of security, as well as to detect all possible access points and breaches for a given programme.

We provide secure source auditing for web applications and related systems as part of our specialist services. Secure Source Code Auditing services include:

  • Existing Code
  • New Code

We assess the execution errors to find and fix the security issue.

During Input Capture & Generation of Outputs

  • Authentications
  • Verifications

Communications safety checks are conducted to detect loopholes for a given programme and securing them.


  • Cryptographic Routines
  • Third Party

Reports are audited and trails are followed to fix all the possible point of breaches.

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