Gaps in a security solution can put data integrity, information confidentiality, and business-critical applications at risk in today’s complex and ever-changing threat landscape. Your infrastructure requires integrated security controls that defend it in a dynamic threat and vulnerability environment while maintaining compliant with security policy and compliance standards as your company grows.

Using the Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) approach, our security architecture and design service helps us to understand your project, its firm objectives and goals, and construct the architecture you need to safeguard your business against cyber-attacks. This method begins with the business requirements, and then develops a comprehensive solution to assist your organisation in a transparent and risk-managed manner. We determine the best solution for you based on the size of your project: (SABSA) methodology.


Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA)

It is a set of services that includes a report that explains how security helps the business.


Security Architecture for the Solution (SSA)

Supporting your technical/solution architects in the design of services to guarantee that security needs are met is a service for smaller projects.

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